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Facial Massage Exercises Could Be Aging Your Skin, Here's Why

Who knew?
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How often do you get a facial? Once a month? Or when you find the time and money to finally treat yourself? There's no denying facials are damn goodheck, I would have one every week if I could. 

There are so many kinds of facials today that involve facial massages. Recently, intensive facial exercises have cropped up, claiming to curb signs of aging. In theory, they sound promising and personally, I'm always up for weird and wonderful treatments in the name of beauty.

So, when the topic of extreme facial massages came up in a discussion with one of the most esteemed skincare gurus on Earth, Paula Begoun, owner of Paula's Choice, I was all ears. I assumed that as the trend took off so quickly, there must be some science backing it up, or at the very least, a lot of research into its glowingly positive benefits.

Apparently, not. According to Paula, these extreme massaging techniques/exercises could actually be causing more skin aging, and she has some very strong opinions on why they should be avoided at ALL costs.

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"I hate talking about trends because they just piss me off. They're wasting your time and your money. Let's talk about a trend that is really pissing me off: facial massage," she said.

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"The elastin within your skin, that gives it bounce, breaks down because of sun damage but, it also breaks down because of pulling. Your breasts will start sagging not because anyone's been tugging on them, but because of their weight. [The same goes for] ears that get tugged on with heavy earrings. Look at older women who are wearing heavy earnings, their earlobes are flapping around like they're ready to take off." LOL.

What is actually happening when you're doing these techniques on your face? "If you move your skin, you're stretching out the elastin fibers, and these fibers are the rubber bands that allow [them] to bounce back," she explained. "What happens to a rubber band when you pull it? It stretches out and then, eventually, it breaks. This is exactly what happens with your skin. It loses the ability to bounce back and starts sagging."

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"The parts of your face that age the most are the ones you use the most. I'm not telling you not to smile, but don't start putting your face into other positions under the strange notion of strengthening it. Besides, it's not new, there's a book from the 1880s that talks about facial exercise, it didn't work back then and it doesn't work now. It just accelerates aging, so don't do it!" Say it louder for the people in the back, Paula.

Well then, going forward, there will certainly be no partaking in vigorous facial play. Glad we cleared that one up.


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