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15 Fine Line Tattoo Designs To Try If You're A ~*Minimalist*~

They look super delicate and dainty!
15 Fine Line Tattoo Designs For Minimalists
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/stefano__mazza, Instagram/wittybutton_tattoo

Hello there! If it's your first time getting a tattoo and you're not sure what style you want to get, we recommend going the ~minimalist~ approach. Fine line tattoos, in particular, are perfect for people who want something subtle and delicate. Plus, they tend to hurt less since the grouping of needles used is smaller, so it's perfect for those with low pain tolerance.

Looking for designs you can try? No worries, we got you! Ahead, we list down 15 of the cutest fine line tattoo designs we spotted on Instagram:

Fine Line Minimalist Tattoo Ideas to Try

1. This delicate flowing script is a gentle reminder to always love yourself.

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2. A rose is a classic choice if you're eyeing a flower design for your tattoo.

3. This dainty tattoo of two people kissing is actually just drawn using one line.

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4. Want a ~personalized~ tattoo? Get your birth year inked on you. Instead of numbers, you can opt to have the actual word tattooed on you for a more delicate take.

5. Getting a note from a special person in your life *tattooed* on you is a different kind of commitment. 

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6. Twinkling stars make for great finger tattoos!

7. Keep things simple by getting a simple yet meaningful word inked on you.

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8. You can definitely ask your tattoo artist to make your design colored if you're not into the plain black ink they usually use. (Editor's note: Colored tattoos fade faster, so make sure to get yours retouched every now and then).

9. A tiny cluster of planets and stars is the perfect design for ~*space babies*~.

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10. Personalize an ordinary heart design by inserting an initial in it. 

11. Of course, you can never go wrong with just a single heart outline.

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12. This fine line tattoo of a small pig located on the ankle is the definition of cute!

13. This butterfly tattoo is subtle yet sweet.

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14. Add some dimension to your design by asking your tattoo artist to create a 3D effect using colored ink.

15. This is your daily reminder to smile!

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