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Wow! This Deodorant Promises To Brighten And *Conceal* Uneven Skin Tone

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Thank you, innovation! We are now blessed with a multitasking deodorant that will answer the Pinay's common underarm concerns. This product fights odor, controls sweat, brightens uneven skin tone, and conceals dark armpits: Meet the Flawless Face & Body Clinic Underarm & Body Lightening Deoconcealer.

This dermatologist-approved deodorant-concealer promises to brighten your underarms in seven days. It offers 24-hour sweat protection and comes in a fresh, powdery scent. Plus, its tinted formula camouflages dark spots and color-corrects uneven skin tone. You can now confidently wear sleeveless tops, thanks to this multitasking product!

Aside from the underarms, you can also use this on your elbows, knees, and singit—basically on any area that needs help in the brightening department. It's a sulit buy!

Flawless Underarm & Body Lightening Deoconcealer P599, Flawless


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