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Here's How An F.A. Removes Her Makeup And Keeps Her Skin Flawless

I'm always amazed by how flight attendants have flawless-looking complexions, despite always wearing foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick, etc. Plus, their skin remains soft and glowing even though they're exposed to cold cabin air throughout the whole flight. Their secret, of course, lies in their makeup removal and skincare routinesthey have to be extra thorough and diligent with their regimens to get every trace of makeup out of their pores.

If you're dying for a sneak peek of what their evening routines are like, check out the video below! Flight-attendant-turned-YouTuber Janine Santarina (@heyyjanine) shows us how she cleanses, moisturizes, and nourishes her complexion.

PRODUCER: Ira Nopuente, Tisha Caedo


VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Sam Navalta, Greeko Joy Junio

MAKEUP: Joyce De Dios-Ignacio

HAIR: Martin Alonzo

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