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10 Delicate Flower Rib Tattoo Ideas That Are Easy To Hide

We want these dainty designs!
flower tattoo design ideas
PHOTO: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/siyeon_tattoo, Instagram/jmunztattoos

Tattoos are a lifetime commitment, so there are a lot of things you have to consider when getting inked. Aside from choosing the design and finding a reputable tattoo artist, you must also think about the placement of your new tatt

If you want to keep things low-key, consider getting a rib tattoo. You can easily hide it—or show it off by wearing a crop top or a backless dress! 

Ahead, these *pretty* flower tattoo ideas might just convince you to get inked on your rib: 

10 Delicate Flower Rib Tattoo Ideas

  1. This minimalist tatt looks lovely with a backless top!

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  2. Make your ink more special by combining your favorite word and flower. 

  3. Lotus flowers symbolize ~rebirth~ and renewal.  

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  4. Big tattoos can look delicate, too. 

  5. This colored flower tatt is too cute for words! 

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  6. Keep it sweet and simple! 

  7. This lavender tatt goes along perfectly with the boob's natural curve.  

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  8.  Sunflowers represent ~hope~ and warmth

  9. Here's an adorable friendship tattoo idea! 

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  10. The tiny hand detail adds a lovely touch to this flower tattoo.