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15 Delicate Flower Tattoos You Can Get For Your Next Ink

Check out these ~blooming~ designs!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/soltattoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/hktattoo_mini

Celebrate the changing seasons by getting one of these gorgeous flower tattoos. And flaunt them at the beach come summer! 

  1. You'll be confident to wear a backless top after getting this ink.

  2. Simply beautiful.

  3. Calling all minimalists!

  4. Who needs a gold bracelet when you have this? <3

  5. The tiny specks of color are adorable.

  6. Getting a flower tatt in your favorite color is the best.

  7. No earrings? No problem!

  8. Who knew that sheer tattoos could look so pretty?

  9. Wear this ink with a messy topknot so you can show it off!

  10. Floral tatts are perfect with off-the-shoulder tops.

  11. A lotus flower can symbolize the many layers of your personality.

  12. A rose for a classy lady. ;)

  13. Placement is v v important.

  14. Dress up your ears with a tulip!

  15. Peek-a-boo!

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