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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Forward Helix Piercing

It's pretty versatile!
Forward Helix Piercing Facts: Pain Level, Healing Time
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If you want to explore another piercing location that isn't your lobe, the helix is a *popular* type of cartilage piercing worth checking out. There are different types of helix piercings, from double helix, mid-helix, to forward helix. Today, we put the spotlight on the latter! 

What is a forward helix piercing? 

A forward helix piercing is placed on the upper cartilage closest to your face. It's directly above the tragus, a.k.a. the little flap in front of your ear canal. 

Depending on your ear anatomy, you can choose to get a double or triple forward helix to ~spice~ things up. 

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Does it hurt to get a forward helix piercing?

A forward helix is pierced through the cartilage, so it will obviously hurt a little more than a lobe piercing. According to Kenneth Abad, a professional tattoo artist and body piercer from 55 Tinta, a forward helix may be about four to six out of 10 on the pain scale, which isn't so bad. Kenneth, however, pointed out that "pain is subjective." Everyone's pain tolerance varies. 

How long does it take for a forward helix piercing to heal?

It takes around four to six months for a forward helix to heal. Kenneth explained that helix piercings usually take some time to heal because "madali siya matamaan." Remember, a fresh piercing is an open wound. So when you touch or twist your piercing, you are prolonging the healing process by making the dry wound raw again. That said, the healing time will depend on how you take care of your ear piercing. 

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How do I take care of my forward helix piercing?

  • As much as possible, sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on your ear, which can delay the healing process. 
  • Keep your hair away from your face. Long tresses can get caught up in the earring. 
  • Spray and clean your forward helix piercing with a saline solution every daybut avoid cleaning it *too* often. Doing it twice a day is enough. As the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. According to Kenneth, he also doesn't recommend cleaning it with alcohol because this can be too drying. 

How much does it cost to get a forward helix piercing?

The price of a forward helix piercing varies on the tattoo studio you go to. According to Kenneth, 55 Tinta usually charges P2,000 for cartilage piercings. 

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Interested in getting a forward helix piercing? Check out these pictures for inspiration: 

  1. Forward helix + daith 

    Keep it simple with a forward helix and a daith.

  2. Forward helix + single lobe

    An extra stud on the forward helix is perfect for beginners. 

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  3. Double forward helix 

    This double forward helix looks pretty on its own, but it'll also look great with any piercings you decide to add later on. 

  4. Forward helix + helix + daith + quadruple lobe  

    Sticking to one color scheme will make your stack appear ~cohesive~. 

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  5. Forward helix + mid-helix + single lobe

    Try this combo if you like your piercings spaced out from each other. 

  6. Double forward helix + flat 

    The lightning bolt stud added a quirky touch to the cluster! 

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  7. Forward helix + mid-helix + conch + double lobe

    The diamond flower stud on the forward helix balances out the piercings on the outer shell of the ear.

  8. Triple forward helix + triple lobe

    This symmetrical ear party is ~aesthetically pleasing~. 

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  9. Double forward helix + conch 

    Go for tiny studs if you want to keep things subtle. 

  10. Double forward helix + faux rook piercing

    Keep everything on the top part of the ear for a cool lewk. 

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  11. Forward helix + daith + double helix + double lobe 

    We're obsessed with this all-silver ear party! 

  12. Forward helix + double flat + anti-tragus + single lobe

    This combination of tiny, delicate studs and hoops will fit your minimalist aesthetic. 

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  13. Forward helix + rook + double helix + conch + triple lobe

    If you're a ~spacy baby~, this arrangement of celestial jewelry might tickle your fancy.

  14. Forward helix + triple lobe

    The lone diamond stud on the forward helix makes this stack of lobe piercings more interesting. 

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  15. Forward helix + daith + flat + double mid-helix + single lobe

    We like how this ear party doesn't look too ~crowded~.