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Get Pretty Hands He'll Want to Hold

Say sayonara to dry, old-looking hands!

Dear Agoo,

I have seen pictures of your hands on Instagram, and I think they're so beautiful and elegant! How do you take care of them? I'm Chinese, and I feel like I have old-looking hands compared to people my age. Is there anything I can do to revive them?

Wing, 23

Hi, Wing!

Thank you so much for all your kind words, Wing. I make it a habit to apply hand cream several times a day, especially when my skin feels dry. My faves these days are Tony Moly's Age Stop Hand Cream and Bobbi Brown's Extra Hand Cream. If you're a regular hand sanitizer user, make sure to apply a hand cream afterwards since the alcohol content in hand sanitizers has a tendency to dry up skin. Also, do make it a habit to apply SPF—the harsh UV rays of the sun will take its toll on your hands over time if you don't apply any protective products.

Love, A

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