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Get That ~Bright and Moisturized~ Skin With These Two Cosmo Beauty Award Winners

Here are reasons why Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Femme) with Dual Moisturizer and Dr. Wong's Lightening Lotion should be part of your skincare!

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Ladies, we get it. We know we always have to take care of our bodies and our skin. But there are just days when we feel meh and would rather not be bothered about it. But think about it, those days when you skip your body and skincare could easily leave you vulnerable to sun exposure, air pollution, dry weather, and blue light. We wouldn't want those off days to wreak havoc on your skin, right? ~Eep!~ So, it's really important to follow through with your skincare routine.

Luckily, there are products that make protecting your skin and helping it bloom a lot easier. Using the right skincare products can really do a lot to help your body and skin. That said, we really think you should consider giving Cosmo Beauty Awards Winners Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Femme) with Dual Moisturizer and Dr. Wong's Lightening Lotion a spot in your beauty boudoir. Here’s why:

Adios, dry hands!

Using alcohol to disinfect your hands is the norm these days, especially with all the health threats looming. But constant use of alcohol can leave your skin dry. And skin dryness can lead to other issues. So it's best to keep your hands (and skin in general) moisturized. So imagine how kilig we were to discover Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Femme) with Dual Moisturizer, winner of Cosmo Beauty Awards’ Best Non-Drying Alcohol. Alden Richards uses it too, hence doubling our kilig!

Here's why we love this product: Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Femme) with Dual Moisturizer contains Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5, which help you sanitize your hands without stripping them dry! Say no to dry skin and yes to feeling fresh and moisturized!

A 7-day brightening lotion without the sticky feeling? Yes, please!

If you dream of having moisturized and lighter skin, a lotion with brightening ingredients is a must in your skincare routine. The only downside is that lotions tend to feel sticky on your skin thanks to our humid weather!

Thankfully, there’s Dr. Wong's Lightening Lotion, winner of Cosmo Beauty Awards’ Best Brightening Lotion. We just *love* how this formula feels oh-so lightweight on the skin, as it helps lighten skin in as fast as 7 days. Don't worry about being out in the sun as it has SPF 10 and UVA/UVB protection, and has soothing botanical actives that, when used regularly, can help you achieve that light and moisturized skin.

Here's the best part: both Ethyl Alcohol (Casino Femme) with Dual Moisturizer and Dr. Wong's Lightening Lotion are available on Shopee and Lazada!

So there you have it, CGs! Try out these award-winning skincare products for yourselves and give your skin the TLC it deserves, stat! You can thank us later.

To learn more about Dr. Wong's Lightening Lotion and other Dr. Wong products, visit Dr. Wong on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also learn more by joining the Dr. Wong Facebook Community.



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