GMA-7 Leading Ladies Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

Sunshine Dizon, Rhian Ramos, and Kris Bernal share how they care for their skin. Pick up some star pointers.

  • Remove makeup before you sleep. All three ladies agree on the importance of removing makeup before retiring to bed no matter how tired (or drunk) you are after work and play. Makeup may transform you into a goddess but when left on your skin overnight, it can cause skin irritation that will ruin your complexion.

  • Makeup remover is a beauty must-have. Sometimes simply washing your face with soap and water isn’t enough to completely remove makeup and dirt. Sunshine Dizon shares that she uses purifying oil to remove makeup. Purifying oils get rid of impurities without drying skin, leaving your face cleansed and soft.

  • Have a pack of facial wipes with you at all times, just like Rhian Ramos. They’re handy, easy to use, and effective in removing makeup and dirt. She can clean her face anytime during the day, especially when she's on a shoot and her skin is exposed to dirt and pollution.

  • Keep skin as clean as possible--all the time. As these three actresses emphasize, the first step to better skin is washing your face with the right cleanser. While Kris Bernal admits that her skin is not sensitive, she says she carries facial wash in her kikay kit to stay fresh and clean anytime and to make sure she washes away anything that can cause irritations.
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