Gross Beauty Things Girls Do When People Aren't Looking

When did you last change your razor???

1. Not changing your razor often enough.

In the last five months, how many times have you bought a new razor? Yeah, same.

2. Popping your zits in a public place.

Admit it, you've walked into the bathrooms at work/a restaurant/a mall, noticed a massive whitehead staring you in the face ("I'm sure that wasn't there this morning") and given it a good old squeeze in the public mirrors. Let's just hope no one walks in at the wrong time, eh?

3. Not washing your makeup brushes. Ever.

Namely because there never seems to be enough time to wash them and dry them before you're next gonna want to use them, amirite? But seriously, they're a haven of bacteria and you're wiping them all over your faceno wonder you're having to pop your zits in public places.

4. Wiping your eyeliner mistakes off with spit.

We all do it: you're in a rush, your eyeliner isn't playing ball, and you can barely pronounce micellar water let alone find it that early in the morning, so you put your finger in your mouth and rub it right next to your eye. Not nice when you think about it.

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5. Never cleaning the bath tub or shower walls.

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Even if you only have a bath once in a blue moon, it can get pretty scummy where the waterline meets the ceramicditto with the shower walls. You might think the water will do enough, but you could probably do with taking some washing up liquid or spray cleaner to those tiles tbh.

6. Forgetting to exfoliate fake tan off.

In fear of rubbing off any "real tan" you have left on the top layer of skin, you avoid exfoliating your skin when it's been fake-tanned, and instead, just layer more and more on top. Sound familiar? THINK OF YOUR POOR PORES.

7. Scraping product back into the bottle when too much comes out.

Foundation, face cream, moisturizer or primer: we're all guilty of trying to save our favorite productsespecially when it feels like you had to take out a small loan to buy them in the first place. But considering how much bacteria lives in the air and on your skin/makeup brush/etc, it's probably not the best idea to risk grossing out all of your sacred product for saving a few blobs.

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8. Sharing makeup with other people.

C'mon, you already know it's probably not the most hygienic to use your friend's mascara wand straight after she's used it, and the same goes for lipstick, makeup brushes, and everything in between. If you wouldn't use someone else's used Q tip, you probably shouldn't be using their makeup, either.

9. Keeping makeup for years on end.

Yes it might not be finished  *just yet* and yes it's probably your favourite mascara, but you definitely know in your heart of hearts that adding a drop of facial oil to it or stopping it going crusty with hot water is GROSS. Just buy another one, you guys.

10. Using samples in the shop.

If you're not supposed to share makeup with your friends, you definitely shouldn't share makeup with strangers in the shopso avoid ANY testers or samples or open products on the shelves if you can help it. Powders are okay, lipsticks are not.

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11. Saving makeup wipes after you've used them.

Not only will any beauty buff tell you makeup wipes are a sin in themselves, but SAVING dirty makeup wipes that you've used "just a corner of" is not okay. 

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