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Watch These Guys Try Nose Strips For The First Time

'This is both satisfying and disgusting.'
PHOTO: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo

Not that we’re complaining or anything, but girls go through shitload of things to maintain appearances. From brow cleaning to sheet masking to mani-pedi sessions, it takes work to look a certain way—and we’ve all accepted that and actually enjoy most of them (Brazilian waxes may be the exception, but you have to admit, the finished product is well worth all the pain).

Men, on the other hand, kind of have it easy, so something as basic as a nose strip? Yeah, practically alien territory to them. In the Buzzfeed video below, some regular dudes try them out for the first time, and their reactions bring us back to our first encounters with these deep-cleansing babies:

General opinion was actually pretty favorable, though one probably spoke for all guys everywhere when he said, "I would do it again if someone bought me the strips." Girlfriends, take note.

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