Oh My! Hailey Baldwin Got Brand New Neck And Finger Tattoos

I'll just be here trying to figure out what they mean.
PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin/Getty IMages
  • Hailey Baldwin was just spotted with a bunch of fresh new tattoos on her neck and fingers.
  • Hailey's finger tattoos appear to be floral designs, and her neck tattoo is a mystery word.

Hello, hi, good morning, would you like a celebrity neck tattoo to go with your coffee? 'Cuz Hailey Baldwin appears to have just gotten some major new ~ink~ ahead of her official wedding to Justin Bieber. The model was spotted out in Los Angeles with both a visible neck tattoo and some fresh finger tats, and honestly, it's a cute look that I'd copy if I weren't so afraid of my mother.

The tattoos were first spotted by Hailey fan accounts but are tragically too blurry to fully make out. However! It looks like Hailey’s fingers are sporting some floral designs....

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Here’s a zoom:

Meanwhile, she has a mystery word written on her neck that I’m hoping/praying says "JUSTIN" because lol.

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But IDK, looks like it maybe says "love" or "lovely?"


For what it's worth, this is hardly Hailey's first TATTOO RODEO. She has multiple hearts adorning her body, a cross on her neck, "pray" on her fingers, "seek" on her neck, "gente" on her hip, a "g" behind her ear, and even the name "Baldwin" on the inside of her finger. And (a) that's just some of them plus (b) it's nothing compared to Justin Bieber’s tattoos, which we can all agree are...a lot.

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