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3 Other Things You Can Use Your Hand Cream For

No shaving cream? No problem!
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Aside from your face, neck, and chest, your hands can age quickly, too, especially if you're always in a dry environment like your air-conditioned office. The solution? Hand cream! But before you put it away after slathering it all over your hands, have you realized that you can use it for other things, too?

Yup, amazingly, hand cream isn't just for your hands! Here are three hand cream hacks you should know to get more use out of it, or to quicken your beauty routine when you're too tamad to deal with anything.

Shaving Cream

Run out of shaving cream? No worries! Just use hand cream, says Gurl. Spread it all over your legs (or any other area you shave), and your razor will easily glide over and remove the hair. Once you're done, you can just wipe it all off! No more awkward and uncomfortable standing in the shower.

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Split End Smoother

Aside from making sure your strands aren't buhaghag or frizzy, a LITTLE hand cream can also be used to smooth over split ends. According to Rocket News 24, rub the hand cream on your ends while they're still dampmake sure not to use too much, otherwise, your hair will look oily.

Hydrating Face Mask

Because of its thick texture and emollient ingredients, you can actually use your hand cream as a part of your facial skincare routine, that is, as a hydrating face mask. Be warned, though, according to The Cosmetist, this can only work on ladies and gents who have very dry skin. So if you have normal to oily skin, you might want to just stick to your regular face masks!

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