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Finally! Heart Evangelista Dropped Her Skincare Routine

She spills *all* her secrets!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/iamhearte, YouTube/Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista looks great all the time—she's got glowing skin that's quite envy-worthy. So, when she dropped her skincare routine, we just had to take down notes and find out the exact products she uses.

Today's our lucky day because Heart's latest vlog details ~*every*~ step of her regimen. She first emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself. She works out, drinks lots of water and vitamins, meditates, and is consistent with her skincare routine. She believes these things help uplift her mood.

We know you're super curious about Heart's skincare routine. Keep scrolling to learn her glowing skin tips and the exact products she uses:

  1. Dry brush the body

    Dry brushing the body is good for lymphatic drainage. She says it's a good way to kickstart your day. When she does it in the evening, it relaxes her legs and feet.

    Simply apply body lotion or oil on the skin and gently rub the soft-bristled brush on the body. This step exfoliates the skin and wakes up blood circulation. (Know more about its benefits here.)

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    Heart Evangelista Skincare Routine: Dry brushing
    YouTube/Heart Evangelista
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  2. Depuff the eyes

    She massages her eyes with face massagers that have been placed in the fridge. The cooling sensation helps depuff her eyes.

    Heart Evangelista Skincare Routine: Depuff the eyes
    YouTube/Heart Evangelista

  3. Remove makeup

    Heart's job entails her to wear makeup all the time so she uses micellar water to gently take it off. 

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  4. Use brightening toning pads

    She got her toning pads from her dermatologist, Dr. Aivee Teo. This product helps brighten and even out her skin tone. She explains that sun exposure has triggered melasma, and this step helps get rid of hyperpigmentation. (Interested? Try these ones that you can buy from the department store.)

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    Heart Evangelista Skincare Routine: Use toning pads
    YouTube/Heart Evangelista

  5. Never skip sunblock

    Heart is a big believer that we should always protect our skin from UV rays. She applies sunscreen even at night to shield her complexion from blue light from gadget screens. 

  6. Mix ~*gold leaf*~ with your skincare products

    The next step is a very Heart Evangelista move: She mixes gold leaf with her skincare products. It has anti-aging properties that help keep the face looking youthful. She clarifies that she doesn't do this all the time—only when needs a skincare boost!

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    Heart Evangelista Skincare Routine: mix gold leaf with your skincare products
    YouTube/Heart Evangelista

  7. Take advantage of facial devices

    Heart revealed that she likes to maintain her skin with the use of machines. She frequents her dermatologist's to get treatments. In between those clinic visits, she cares for her complexion with facial devices.

    She uses an LED wand to improve skin elasticity. She's particularly into the wand's setting where it boosts the production of collagen. (FYI, the more collagen your skin has, the lesser chances your skin will sag and look hollow.) She gently strokes the wand on her skin with an anti-aging cream.

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    She also shared that she loves using an LED mask. The different light settings help target fine lines, sagging skin, and even breakouts!

    Love K-Derma LED Light Mask

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  8. Apply a good serum

    Serums contain potent ingredients. If you're aiming to address a particular skin concern (like fines lines or breakouts, make sure your serum has ~everything~ that will help you reach your skincare goals. Heart likes pressing the serum onto her face to help her skin absorb the formula faster.

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  9. Put on eye cream

    To keep the eyes looking bright and youthful, Heart applies eye cream on the eyelids and under-eye area morning and night.

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  10. Don't neglect the neck

    All the products she used—toning pad, sunscreen, LED wand, moisturizer, serum—were also applied to her neck! This step helps prevent lines from forming!

Watch and see Heart's skincare routine for yourself below:

Heart Evangelista's Current Skincare Routine

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