20 Heart Tattoo Designs To Copy Right Now

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Okay, I get it: Unless you're in middle school, you probably think heart tattoos are corny. But, it's 2019 and the number of cool heart tattoos floating through your Instagram feed right this very second will definitely change your mind. Considering they come in so many shapes and sizes (and even colors!), the modern heart tattoo is anything but basic. That's why I rounded up 20 cute—but not too cute—heart tattoos you'll want to screenshot immediately, ahead.

  1. Tiny Heart Tattoo

    If your heart tattoo is going to be your first tattoo, there's no harm in going for something small. This tiny finger tattoo is simple and sweet.

  2. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

    Not into your run-of-the-mill classic heart tattoo? Get the anatomical version of a heart tattoo with this super-cool design (which also doubles as proof that you paid attention in science class).

  3. Heartbeat Tattoo

    This cute, minimalist take on the heartbeat line is perfect if you're super into medicine (or, you know, have a healthy Grey's Anatomy obsession).

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  4. Red Ink Heart Tattoo

    This so-tiny-you-might-miss-it tattoo is another cute heart tattoo option—and even Kylie Jenner's a fan of the red ink.

  5. Cherry Heart Tattoo

    This cherry design is so damn cute, I'm seriously considering getting my favorite fruit tattooed on my body.

  6. White Heart Tattoo

    Want something more muted and mysterious? Go for a white ink heart tattoo—not only are they cool AF, but they're also easy to hide (just in case your office isn't tat-friendly).

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  7. Hip Heart Tattoo

    Your hip is the perfect place to get a heart tattoo—you can hide it just as easy as you can show it off.

  8. Neck Heart Tattoo

    This delicate heart tattoo is an example of minimalism done right. If you're into this look, be sure to book an appointment with an artist who specializes in fine-line tattoos.

  9. Heart and Arrow Tattoo

    What's a heart without an arrow? This simple heart design is a great option for a tiny tattoo, and it gives off major Cupid vibes (if that's what you’re into).

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  10. Matching Heart Tattoos

    A heart tattoo is a good way to show your love for bae or your BFF, and this sweet design is anything but cheesy.

  11. Anatomical Floral Heart Tattoo

    This heart tattoo combines the anatomical rendering of the heart with super-sweet florals for a design that's as pretty as it is subtle.

  12. Dog Heart Tattoo

    Tattoos don't always have to be super serious—shout out your favorite furry friend with this dog heart tattoo.

  13. Geometric Heart Tattoo

    If your style leans towards the abstract, you'll love this heart tattoo. The heart is rendered in a cool, geometric shape, and the red ink adds the perfect amount of detail.

  14. Black and White Shaded Heart Tattoo

    Want to double tap this heart tattoo? Yeah, same. When looking for your tattoo artist, make sure you get someone who specializes in micro style and single needle tattoos—it's a sure way to get the kind of detailing you see in this shaded design.

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  15. Inspirational Heart Tattoo

    This heart tattoo comes with a good message: love yourself. And, hey, who doesn't need a reminder of that from time to time?

  16. Flowers and Heart Tattoo

    Trying to decide between a heart tattoo and a flower tattoo? Get a design, like this one, that incorporates both of your favorite things.

  17. Lantern Heart Tattoo

    Let this incredibly detailed heart tattoo light the way. ;)

  18. Broken Heart Tattoo

    A broken heart is never cute IRL, but this heart design with cool block lettering makes a pretty strong case for getting one tattooed.

  19. Waves Heart Tattoo

    Two waves form this heart tattoo, making it the perfect design for any ocean-lovers.

  20. Heart on Fire Tattoo

    This flame heart tattoo has everything you'd want in a tat—it's cute, small, and fun. What more could you ask for?


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