Here's How The Most Beautiful Pinay Celebs Keep Their Skin Glowing

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Being a celebrity isn't always as glamorous as it seems—rehearsals can be draining, shoots can take hours, and all the makeup, stress, and sleepless nights can take a toll on the skin.

We dug a bit deeper to learn how new Pond’s ambassadors Kathryn Bernardo, Toni Gonzaga, Joey Mead King and Sofia Andres keep their skin glowing even during their most hectic days. Here's how they do it:

They stick to a good beauty regimen.

Though Sofia Andres seems to be immune from the usual problems puberty brings, the teen star confirms she also gets pimples and blemishes, making her feel self-conscious. Luckily, she was able to start on an effective skincare routine at an early age. “Having clear skin helps me feel confident, so I always use the Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Wash and Acne Clear Leave-on Gel combo to keep pimples and oil away,” she shares.

They always use SPF.

Kathryn's transformation from being the Teen Queen to a full-fledged leading lady requires her to be on the go at all times. A lifestyle as busy as hers can take its toll on one's skin, and Kath eventually noticed some dark spots on her face from being under the sun frequently. “I started using Pond’s White Beauty since it has SPF that protects my skin on the outside, and Vitamin B3+ that whitens from the inside,” she shared. “Using it twice daily really helped me get a rosy, white glow.”

They don't let stress get to them.

Toni is loving her latest role: being a mom to a baby boy. But being a new mother isn't easy, and all the late nights spent taking care of her son on top of her hectic work schedule has taken a toll on her skin. The new Pond's Age Miracle with Retinol-C Complex helped improve the early signs of aging that were showing on Toni's face, and she was able to see results in just seven days. Now that she's not worried about wrinkles and age spots, she can concentrate on doing the things that make her feel fulfilled.

They have a positive outlook.

Skincare aside, a woman’s outlook on life has a great impact on her appearance. A truly inspiring woman, Joey Mead King reminds Filipinas that they have the power to make beautiful changes:  “As women, it’s important that we strive to inspire and empower one another. We all have the strength and grace to transform the toughest changes into something beautiful.”  

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