Here's Why You Really Need To Invest In Laser Hair Removal

Warning: It is expensive AF, but totally worth it.

Laser hair removal isn't exactly a new beauty breakthrough, but Dr. Aivee Teo, M.D. from The Aivee Institute just introduced the newest upgrade to hit the country: Soprano Ice Laser.

How is this different? Unlike other lasers, the Soprano Ice works on light, dark, or tanned skin (so even if you go to the beach, you can get this treatment done right after!)—and coarse or fine hair. Plus, 90% of patients experience significant hair reduction after three to five sessions (you may need more, depending on how your hair responds to the treatment, though).

It's practically pain-free, too. See, traditional lasers usually fire a single, high-energy shot that can make you feel like you're constantly being hit with elastic bands. Since the Soprano Ice uses a low-energy frequency, you'll feel a little bit of warmth, but it's pretty tolerable. It actually feels like an ant bite (fine, a lot of tiny ant bitesdepending on how thick or plenty your hair is).

Continue reading below ↓'s EIC Jillian Gatcheco says, "Although I braced myself for the pain (there’s a bleeping sound during the procedure that can rattle you a bit), it didn’t really hurt at all, save for when the warmth was too much, and I requested for additional gel to cool my skin. I had the procedure done on my legs roughly three weeks before my wedding. Let’s just say I didn’t notice regrowth until after my honeymoon."

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How does it work? The technician shaves your hair first, then applies a thick, cooling gel on the area so you won't feel any pain. The laser passes safely through your skin's dermal layers, gently heating and destroying your hair follicles from the base using pulses of infrared laser light. That laser light is attracted to the colored pigment on your individual hairs, so it targets them effectively, but safely. So the thicker your hair is, the more pain you'll probably feel. 

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Why we love it:

1. There's zero downtime!
You can go to the gym immediately after your appointment.

2. Each visit is really quick.
It'll take you about 15 minutes to get your underarms treated; 45 minutes for both legs; and 30 minutes if you opt to get a Brazilian.

3. You can get hair removed from any part of your body.
Including hard-to-reach areas like your nostrils (but why though?) and ears.

4. Hair grows slow afterwards.
The technician won't be able to perform the procedure if there's nothing to shave. And hair will grow ridiculously slow after your first appointment. So you have to come back about 28 days afteror once a month. Oh, and you're not allowed to wax the treated area, but shaving is okay.

The only downside with laser hair removal is that it is expensive AF. A session can cost you anywhere from P3,000 to P12,000, depending on what part you get treated. For instance, hair removal for your underarms costs P4,000 a session, and you'll probably need to go five times minimum (which will set you back at least P20,000).

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So should you still get it? A thousand times, yes! Sure, it's not cheap. But if you've been waxing your underarms or your bikini area your whole life, you've probably spent thousands of pesos already. So having hair permanently removed can save you time and money. That, and you never have to see your scary waxing lady again. Ever!

For further inquiries, visit the Aivee Institute at the 2/F East Bldg, Forbestown Center, Burgos Circle, Fort or call 02-4033245/0917 521 0222.

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