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According To This Reddit User, Quitting Hot Showers Cleared Her Acne

Is this the answer to our problems?
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There's more to Reddit than discovering the best-rated sex toys. In fact, we're willing to bet it's home to more skincare obsessives than TikTok users these days!

From their favorite moisturizer to the best face masks for acne-prone skin, subreddit r/Skincare addition has quickly become our go-to beauty resource.

So, when we read that one Redditor had supposedly cleared their acne by quitting their hot shower addition, we were intrigued.

User u/CantHugEveryKitten (iconic name, btw), wrote:

"The skin on my back was always very itchy and dry, and I knew it was because of the hot showers I was taking. I was always very careful with not putting hot water on my face, though."

"So, I decided to rehab for my addiction and challenged myself to shower in normal temperature water for two weeks. I am on day 10 now and suddenly have no face acne. I am shocked and feel so stupid. I could have had clear skin for years probably."

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"Before I had to put moisturizer on my face immediately after a shower, or my skin would feel tight and uncomfortable (I should probably have picked up on this sign my body was telling me. My skin was basically screaming at me telling me not to boil it). Now, my skin feels soft either way. Plus, the skin on my back has benefitted, too. I'm happy."

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But can something as simple as turning your shower temperature down really have such a massive impact on your skin?

We asked Linda Blahr, the head of science and education for SkinCeuticals, for her expert opinion.

"Hot water increases skin’s microcirculation and activates our sebaceous glands, resulting in open pores and excess sebum production," she explains.

And we all know what excess sebum production can lead to—pimples!

So, yeah, along with a multitude of other factors including hormones, diet, and stress, hot showers can result in acne, but that's not the only reason you should turn down your shower temperature, as Linda explains.

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"If the skin is sensitive, this could lead to dehydration and irritation as well. Dermatologists recommend a shower temperature of 41 degrees Celsius. It is crucial to observe if the skin becomes red or flushed as this might be a sign that the temperature is still too high."

And remember, don't skip body lotion because a fragrance-free formula replenishes the skin after washing and prevents dehydration.

No excuses.


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