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PSA: You Might Be Washing Your Face Way Too Fast

PHOTO: Twitter/kylieskin

If you've been following the adventures of Kylie Skin since it launched last May 22, 2019, then you must know that people have been dragging Kylie Jenner for different reasons. When she first launched her skincare line, people had feelings about her controversial walnut scrub; even dermatologists didn't want to go near the stuff.

But more recently, the self-made billionaire was criticized for how she washes her face. In a video, she can be seen using her cleanser for less than 10 seconds, making everyone wonder: "Is anyone really supposed to buy this stuff?" 

Sister Kendall Jenner is also getting backlash for a similar stunt, this time for a sponsored Proactiv video she posted on Twitter:


And while we all have the good sense to know that washing your face shouldn't be that fast, most people probably don't know how much time you should be spending on cleansing. 

Dermatologist Doris Day told INSIDER, "We know that over the course of the day your skin is exposed to pollution, this accumulates on the skin and even more so if you're wearing makeup, and can be toxic to the skin if not washed off at the end of the day." She continued, "We know that washing with a cleansing brush is about six times more effective than using your hands and, generally, it takes about 60 seconds at a minimum to cleanse the skin.

Another dermatologist, Jessica Krant, says that every good skincare routine only needs two things: A gentle makeup remover and facial wash. This might help you eliminate all the noise when it comes to all the products you supposedly "need." If, however, you have specific skin issues that need to be addressed, you should consult your derma, stat. 

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