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You've Been Applying Eye Cream Wrong All This Time—Here's The Proper Way

It's not just limited to your undereye area.
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Whether you're just beginning to incorporate eye cream into your skincare routine or you've been using it for a long time, you most likely know where to apply it. There is, however, a ~proper way~ to do it to really maximize the benefits of this small-but-powerful product. Read on to be schooled:

Eye creams are loaded with ingredients that can help reduce and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles, but it's where and how you apply it that really makes all the difference.

How do you apply eye cream properly?

Dot some eye cream on the entire length of your undereye and extend it past the outer corner to target where crow's feet would normally form. Then, apply some product below your brow bone—be careful not to place it on your eyelid—and above the arches as well. This is because your kilay moves with every facial expression you make, so they're just as prone to forming wrinkles.


But wait, your cream isn't just limited to your eye area—you can also apply it to your forehead and smile lines, too. Those are prime spots where wrinkles and creases easily form, so it makes sense to include them as well.

To let the eye cream really seep into your skin, make sure to tap it gently using your ring finger because this puts the least pressure on your skin. Never rub or pull, as these movements can cause even more wrinkles to form and we don't want that! Once the product is absorbed, you can also use a "piano tapping motion" to increase blood circulation in the area.

Check out The Klog's short video demonstration here:

How to Apply Eye Cream

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