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How To Become Naturally Lighter

The search for the one moisturizer that will keep your complexion fair and your face fresh all day is over. Here's the wonder pot for natural lightening.

pondsPond’s brings to the Philippines the new Pond’s White Beauty Naturals with Camellia leaf extract, known to grow in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Pond’s Institute has uncovered a super ingredient from nature for proven fair skin: the Camellia leaf.

“Pond’s White Beauty Naturals with Camellia leaf extract works deep within your skin to prevent darkening at the source,” explains Dr. Sona Pushker, Head of Research at the Pond’s Institute. “New Pond’s White Beauty Naturals works double time,” he states. “The Camellia leaf extract is known to reduce the formation of melanin deep within your skin, and the proven skin lightening technology of the Pond’s White Beauty range inhibits melanin being released to the skin’s surface, reducing skin darkening and imperfections.”

Combining powerful results and safety, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals with Camellia leaf extract not only improves skin tone, diminishes dark spots, acne marks and imperfections, it also hydrates the skin without greasiness and shine.

Based on a recent clinical blind test conducted in Asia, the new Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream impressed consumers with its ability to moisturize skin without that unwanted sticky feeling, oiliness and shine. Women also discovered how it significantly reduced spots and acne marks, delivering clearer and fairer skin. Pond’s White Beauty Naturals scored significantly high in almost all face care benefits, surpassing even other “natural” skin lightening creams. With this amazingly fresh, weightless and non-greasy moisturizer, the hot weather need not be the enemy for beautiful, soft, pinkish-white skin.

Even Pond’s newest endorse, celebrated actress and August 2011 Cosmo cover girl Angelica Panganiban, was surprised by the ultra lightness of Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Day Cream. “It’s natural, gentle, and so light on my skin!” she exclaims. With Ponds, Angelica says she never has to worry about having dry or sticky and heavy skin. “Throughout the day, I feel refreshingly light, clean and protected.”

“I feel very proud and honored to be trusted with such an amazing line from Pond’s, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals,” Angelica shared when asked what it felt like to be the newest addition to the many exclusive beautiful faces of Pond’s. “When I was first asked, there was no hesitation because I trust how Pond’s takes care of my skin.”

Angelica explains that while she is very fortunate to be blessed with very good skin, Pond’s provides the pinkish-white glow to her complexion. Her biggest beauty must? Her face should be clean before she sleeps! “This is why Pond’s is my perfect partner,” she states. “Especially since my job requires makeup everyday, I make sure to wash my face and moisturize with Pond’s to keep it soft and healthy,” she shares. “With Ponds, I look and feel beautiful.”

Perfect for our tropical weather, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Moisturizer helps you achieve clear and pinkish white skin.

Also included in this new Pond’s White Beauty Naturals range is the Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Foam. Formulated with Camellia Leaf Extract, it deeply cleanses the skin to wash away dirt, oil and impurities, and gently exfoliates skin to reveal pinkish-white skin. This range is dermatologist tested.

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals range includes the Facial Foam, which comes in 5g sachet (P6), and 50g (P80) and 100g tube (P150); and Moisturizer, which comes in 10g No Mess Sachet (P20), 20g tube (P70), and 50g Jar (P249). It's available in drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

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