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FYI, You Have To Wear The Right Panties If You Want To Brighten Your Singit

This simple change really works!
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The obsession to brighten and even out discoloration on the singit never ends. But before we head right into the *big* advice, we'd like to say that it's perfectly okay if your bikini area is a shade darker than the rest of your body. It's normal, and there's no rule that says you're not beautiful if your inner thighs have pigmentation.

Now that we've straightened out body love facts, let's move forward to the main topic. We've told you about the skincare products you can try to even out discoloration, but if you still can't see results, you may be missing a crucial step: You're probably wearing the wrong panties.


How To Even Out The Discoloration On Your Singit And Inner Thighs

This Skincare Routine Will Brighten Your Inner Thighs And Bikini Area

The major factor that causes discoloration is friction, and this happens when you wear tight clothing—including underwear! When your panties rub against your singit, they trigger darkening. So, we highly suggest that you switch to seamless undergarments or any panties in the right size. (Personally, I prefer high leg panties because they don't cling to the skin.) Trust me, this simple change can make a big difference, especially when you're using brightening body care products.

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Since we're on this topic, check out these panties:

Why Wearing The Right Panties Can Help Brighten The Singit

Bench Ladies Hi-Leg Bikini, P239.75, Lazada

Why Wearing The Right Panties Can Help Brighten The Singit
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Uniqlo Airism Seamless High Rise Briefs, P390, Uniqlo

Why Wearing The Right Panties Can Help Brighten The Singit
Cotton On

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