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How To Get Brighter Skin On A Budget

Say hello to brighter skin without bidding your spendings goodbye!

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Beauty literally comes with a price. But you don’t need to break bank to look good with these easy beauty tricks:

1. Cleanse and exfoliate.

Get your skin in top shape with the basics: cleansing and exfoliating. Cleansing daily helps remove dirt, pollution, and excess oils that make your skin appear dull and greasy, while exfoliating twice a week sloughs away dead skin cells.

2. Never skip the sunscreen.

Your brightening products won’t work unless you protect your skin from the sun! Before heading out, slather on a broad spectrum sunscreen, and reapply every two hours. Try to avoid the sun from 10 AM to 2 PM, and always bring an umbrella or hat with you!

3. Drink more water.

This simple habit can make your skin look plumper, reduce the appearance of your pores and wrinkles, AND keep breakouts at bay! You can also add in a few slices of lemon that help flush out toxins.

4. Maintain a healthy diet.

Munch on foods rich in vitamin C (which boosts the skin's collagen production), vitamin E (which protects the skin against sun damage), and omega-3 (which improves the skin's elasticity) like oranges, strawberries, mangoes, almonds, and fish. Delish!

5. Get 7-9 hours of sleep.

Your skin loses its natural glow when you're tired and stressed, so hit the sack early whenever you can. Stay away from anything that stresses you, too.

6. Don't try every beauty fad.

Save yourself from unnecessary spending and your skin from possible damage by sticking to tried-and-tested products like Silka Whitening Soap and Lotion with Shea Butter and Silka Moisturizing Avocado Oil Soap and Lotion. Shea butter and Avoicado oil are pros when it comes to moisturizing and helps give skin a healthy glow. No wonder Silka is one of the best skin brighteners in this year's Cosmo Brightening Awards!

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