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The One Thing You Have To Do To Get Rid Of 'Strawberry Legs'

PHOTO: (LEFT) YouTube/Jasmine and Simone, (RIGHT) Istockphoto

Shaving or the use of depilatory creams on your legs to get rid of body hair can sometimes lead to ingrown hair or dark marks. The rough appearance is sometimes called "strawberry legs." The name may sound cute, but bumpy skin isn't! If you're bothered by this, we found an easy solution to this—and you don't really need to leave the house to get it.

Exfoliation is key to remove rough skin texture, and the at-home fix you can try is a sugar scrub! We're lucky because Jasmine and Simone from YouTube shared their own tried-and-tested recipe. Seeing the before and after results are enough to convince us that their concoction really works.

Their recipe only requires sugar, olive oil, and lemon juice—that's all. It's an all-natural body scrub that can smoothen and brighten "strawberry legs." They recommend that you use it daily after you shower for better results. Check out their video below to see the complete tutorial:


How to get rid of strawberry legs permanently

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