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How To Look Fresh In The Office After A Tiring Commute

Working Pinays share hacks so you won’t look like you just spent 2 hours in EDSA traffic.

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Making sure we still look and feel fresh after a long commute to work is no easy feat. With the state of public transportation in our country, we sometimes can't help but feel super dyahe in the mornings, even before we get to the office.

Still, there are women who seem to know how to look and feel great even after stressful commutes. During our Fun Fearless Life office tour, we asked different Cosmo girls about their best-kept commuting secrets. Here’s what they had to say:

"Start your day right." -Kristel, 28

Some girls prefer to kick-start their days with a good meal or exercise to boost their energy levels, while some opt to fill their minds with positive thoughts to keep them motivated as they conquer the day.

“Make a feel-good playlist.” -Bernadette, 21

Start your day right with your favorite feel-good tunes to put you in a good mood to get through the day. Plug in your earphones and you’re ready to sit through your bus ride to work.

“Sleep during your commute.” -Gem, 25

What better way to get through the traffic than by getting some more sleep, right?

"Have a freshness kit in handy." -Jen, 28

Aside from kikay kits, have staples that keep your freshness in check such as facial mists, wet wipes, oil blotters, and panty liners. When you don’t feel fresh—especially down there—it really takes a toll on your mood and confidence, and you always want to be 100 percent at work.

Get through your most challenging days with Carefree panty liners that keep you feeling fresh and beautiful all day! Just remember to change your liners at least twice a day for maximum daily freshness. For more information about CAREFREE®, check out their Facebook page

“Lipstick, brow pencil, and sunscreen!” -Arna, 36

We'd like to call these the holy trinity of beauty. Once you have these on, you're pretty much good for the day. That's why it came as no surprise that a lot of women say these three are their top beauty essentials for every day.

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