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How To Look Glowing On Valentine’s Day

Love the bright and light look this February!
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The month of love can certainly affect everyone’s lives, whether you’re in a relationship or working on self-love. One sign that you’re well on your way to true love is securing that signature glow—a rosy pink blush that says you’ve found your bliss both inside and out. Luckily, it takes zero to little effort to work your way towards lovely, radiant skin. Here’s how:

Hydrate like a pro.
Clear and radiant skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside. If you keep your body happy by chugging down enough H20 every day, your skin’s glow will catch up in no time. Bring a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go and you won’t have to worry about getting those eight glasses in every day.

Get lots of sleep.
Skin that glows naturally is skin that’s well rested and happy. No amount of makeup can compare to the natural vibrancy that comes with a good night’s rest. Prep yourself for proper rest by shutting off your gadgets an hour before your bedtime so both your mind and body are primed for some satisfactory zzz’s.

Keep things clean.
Keeping your skin grime-free is like wiping the slate clean, leaving a lot of opportunities for your true radiance to emerge. Pick a gentle, dermatologist-recommended cleanser that strips your skin of unwanted dirt without zapping away your natural moisture so your skin stays happy both in and out of the shower.

Strive for softness.
Skin that’s properly cleansed and moisturized stays supple and smooth. Take the same care you give your face to your entire body, and you’ll notice your radiance from head to toe. Stick to mild products that pamper your skin without unleashing harmful chemicals on it, so you preserve the softness you already have and enhance it even further.

Treat your skin.
Regular soap can leave your skin dry, stripping off moisture it needs to keep you healthy and glowing. Beauty bars that are formulated with moisturizing cream do your skin a big favor: by keeping that much-needed hydration locked in, you’re giving your skin extra assurance that your pinkish glow won’t go away.

Keep your skin happy well beyond Valentine’s Day by going for Dove Pink Bar and nab that smooth skin with a pinkish glow, all year round!

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