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How To Look Pretty Even If You're Hungover

Because the holiday parties are a-coming.

If you got a little more sloshed than usual and need to look human the next day, these makeup tricks can help.

1. Use a luminizing foundation.

Alcohol zaps the moisture from your face and can make you look sallow. Get that glow back by using a warm, luminizing base all over your face.

2.By all means, tap on the concealer.

If your foundation isn’t enough, camouflage your raccoon eyes by patting on a light layer of concealer. Just don’t overdo it, or it can make you look like a zombie.

3. Draw on some brows.

Looking a little puffy? Structured, well-defined arches can add dimension to your face. It’ll also make you appear more put-together than you feel.

4. Do swirl on some blush.

Use a peachy-pink color to add a healthy flush to your complexion and make you look instantly fresh and radiant.

5. Ditch the smoky eye.

This will only enhance the dark circles under your eyes. Instead, brighten up your peepers with a shimmery, champagne-colored cream shadow and a few coats of mascara. Don’t forget to curl your lashes!

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6. Try a bright lipstick.

If you’re really too wrecked to make a makeup effort, just stick to this trick. Our fave color picks: a vivid red or intense fuchsia.

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