How To Take A 'Glass Skin' Selfie Without Using A Filter

Because glass skin is in.
PHOTO: Instagram/elissejosonn

With selfies (and photography in general), good lighting is key to achieving that perfect shot. For example, no matter how dewy your skin is IRL, bad lighting won't let you properly flaunt your glow. But with the right tools, you can turn that sad selfie into a double tap-worthy one in an instant.

One trick, in particular, went viral on Instagram for being both cost-effective and super easy. No fancy lighting equipment needed!

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In a post, user kloeci shared that her secret for glowing skin in photos is—wait for it—aluminum foil. She apparently covers a piece of cardboard with foil and turns it into a DIY reflector that makes her skin look dewier under any light source.

"I put the board right in the direction of the sunlight so that the light reflect[s] on my face," she writes. And looking at her selfies, it definitely works!

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P.S. Don't forget to wear sunscreen when working with direct sunlight!

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