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I Swear, You Need Only Two Products To Get Dewy Skin

Keep your routine simple and quick!
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If dewy skin is your goal, then you need products that will help retain moisture in your complexion without the sticky, greasy feeling. Presenting: The Pond’s Serum Burst Cream and the Pond’s Perfect Potion Essence. This *dynamic* duo works together to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin to help you achieve your #DewySkinGoals in two easy steps. If this sounds too good to be true, below are more reasons to love these must-haves:

Pond’s Perfect Potion Essence works as a toner, essence, and mask.

You know what’s sulit? This three-in-one product that works as a toner, essence, and mask! Of course, proper application is a must depending on how you’re going to use the product.

If you want to treat it like a toner, pour it onto a cotton pad and then gently wipe away deep-seated dirt and oil.

As an essence, put a generous amount of the product on your hands then gently pat and massage on the face for a soothing experience.

When you want to use it as a mask, simply soak a few cotton pads and place the drenched pad on areas of concern—where you've got dark spots, fine lines, or dry patches that need extra TLC—and leave it on for a few minutes.

Pond’s Serum Burst Cream has the power of serum.

The Pond’s Serum Burst Cream has hyaluronic acid, a popular skincare ingredient known for retaining moisture into the skin. But what we love most about this product is its unique sensation. It starts off as a lightweight cream then transforms into potent serum droplets that are easily absorbed by your skin, leaving it instantly hydrated!

Both products are packed with potent ingredients.

Not convinced yet? You’ll be pleased to know that the new Dewy Duo is packed with some of the most popular ingredients we look for in every skincare product: hyaluronic acid that attracts moisture into your skin, niacinamide that helps reduce dullness and minimize the appearance of pores, and gluta-boost essence that helps brighten skin and fade dark spots.

By including both Pond’s Serum Burst Cream and Pond’s Perfect Potion Essence to your skincare routine, you’re on the right track to reaching your dewy skin goals!

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