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These Fun, Interactive Tattoos Aren't Boring At All

In case you're tired of the usual ink ideas.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/helloscoutie; (right) instagram/couleurgravier

So you've finally decided to give in and get your ~first-ever~ tattoo, yay! If you're mulling over what design to choose that isn't a heart or a dainty flower, feast your eyes on these fun, interactive tattoos. These make clever use of your body ink—you can "play" with them! Check out the coolest designs we found below:

  1. Reindeer antlers

    Get reindeer antlers on your wrists to make your pupper's pic look extra cute!

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  2. Telescope

    If you're a ~*space baby*~ but you don't want to stick to the usual stars or planets, why not get a telescope tattoo on your arm? Lifting at a certain angle will make it look like you're taking a peek through it!

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  3. Fish

    If you want to ~own~ your scar, get a tattoo surrounding it. It's a clever way of showing it off and turning it into something beautiful!

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  4. Makeshift camera

    For all the photographers out there, this tattoo can help you take your passion for your craft anywhere!

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  5. Connect the dots

    For a more grown-up take on your favorite childhood activity, why not get a connect-the-dots tattoo? You can actually use a washable marker to draw on it!

  6. Crossword puzzle

    If you're a big fan of crossword puzzles, get one inked on your body. It's also a cool minimalist tattoo that's sure to get you tons of compliments (and answers, LOL!)

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  7. Where's Wally?

    If you liked "Where's Wally?" growing up, you can still have him with you even as an adult. Get him tatted on an unusual place, such as behind your ear.

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  8. Snip, snip

    Here's another case of making the best out of your scar. Instead of looking at it as a flaw, you can turn it into something aesthetically pleasing.

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