Is This How Many Steps You Need To Get Perfect Skin?

One expert reveals the magic number.
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The most basic skincare regimen starts with three steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize. The simple, 5-minute routine was enough to help us get through our teenage years (with the occasional acne treatment, of course), but as we age, our skin needs way more than the basic stuff.

A-list celebrity facialist Georgia Louise spoke to The Cut and revealed that she’s a strong advocate of the “more is more” approach when it comes to skincare. She explains that there is “no miracle product that takes care of all our skincare needs in one go.”

“A good skincare regimen should include a cleanser, floral water, toner, two treatment serums, eye cream, moisturizer, SPF, and finishing serum, plus exfoliator and a mask— that's 12 products!” she adds. She rationalizes that we shouldn’t deprive our skin from powerful active ingredients by using “multi-purpose” serums, because those have smaller percentages of the ~*good stuff*~. She pushes for the use of serums that have specific functions, which you then layer on top of each other. Sounds like the Korean skincare routine to us!

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Of course, since not all of us have the time (and money!!!) to afford a tedious but fantastic 12-step routine, Georgia says that if you have to settle, you can pick five products: “A cleanser, Vitamin C serum, face cream, SPF, and a finishing serum.”

How many skincare steps do you have, CGs?

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