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OMG! Janella Salvador Just Got A *New* Snake Tattoo As A Nod To Her 'Valentina' Role

It also spells out her son's name!
Janella Salvador Just Got A *New* Snake Tattoo
PHOTO: Instagram/superjanella

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Serpent Queen Janella Salvador, you might have missed out on her recent tattoo reveal!

She not-so-subtly showed off her tattoo in a recently shared Instagram post about her El Nido getaway with her two-year-old son Jude. In the photo, she was lounging in a swimsuit and flaunting her newly-inked hip.

Her newest tattoo is a long, thin snake wrapped in intricate twirls. If you look at her ink closely, the slithering loops actually spell out “Jude” when it’s flipped upside down. Take a closer look below!


It comes as no surprise that Janella has a strong affinity for snakes. After all, she does play the *iconic* character Valentina in the ABS-CBN primetime drama remake of Darna, the goddess of snakes in the series.

Plus, snake tattoos also symbolize rebirth and transformation. Janella has always been vocal about her struggles in the past, and she's now evolving to become the best version of herself, like a snake shedding off its old skin. 

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Janella even has her own pet snakes of her own IRL—Versace and Valentino. She first introduced them to the public right after she was announced to portray the iconic antagonist in the Darna series. Her commitment to her role is undeniable, so it was only a matter of time before she immortalized a serpent with ink.


Janella’s snake tattoo is definitely one of our favorites, thanks to its delicate design and the sentimental meaning behind it. While she hasn’t made further comments about its deeper meaning, one thing’s for sure: It looks badass and *definitely* on brand.

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