Jo Malone's Most Popular Colognes In Philippines + Prices

These Are Jo Malone London's Bestselling Colognes In The Philippines

Discover the British brand's world-famous scents.

Jo Malone London is known for advocating scent-combining, but that doesn't mean the brand's scents can't hold their own. From a lone store located on Walton Street in London back in 1994, the namesake label of the British perfumer has become one of the most popular fragrance brands today, championing unique notes and combinations to create unique signature scents.

Without a doubt, its arrival in the Philippines in 2015 has since made the search easier, but we must admit—the variety of fragrances could be daunting for unfamiliar eyes and noses. So to guide you on your next scent shopping spree, we rounded up Jo Malone's bestselling scents below:

1. Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Inspired by the morning Covent Garden market in London, this scent is a sweet and fruity blend of peach, cassis, honey, and spring flowers. It's the kind of saccharine and floral that's irresistible for the summer—or all year round, if you live in the tropics.

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Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, Greenbelt 5

2. Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia

English Pear & Freesia may be categorized as fruity, but it's the kind of fruity that's fresh and subtle—much like the scent of pears—to perfectly channel the mellow of autumn. Combined with the delicate scent of white freesia and the depth of patchouli, this cologne gives you a dose of the English countryside minus the extra acidity.

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Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, SM Aura

3. Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede

Jo Malone breaks the stereotype of floral colognes with this opulent and flirtatious scent. Its tasting notes are red apple, jasmine, rose, and peony, all bound together by the richness of suede. It's best combined with the subtlety of English Pear & Freesia to add a splash of sweetness to an otherwise rich fragrance.

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Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, Greenbelt 5

4. Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin

This unisex cologne is Jo Malone's signature fragrance, and in fact one of the most popular ones in the world. Somehow, it creates a sensual synergy between citrus and spicy herbs, like basil and white thyme, you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Albeit already an unexpected mix, combine it with either your favorite citrus or woody scent to lighten or add depth at command.

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Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, SM Aura

5. Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Each spray of Wood Sage & Sea Salt smells like a vacation—an earthy blend so nostalgic, you could almost hear the waves crashing. Wear it with something like Nectarine Blossom & Honey for a punch of sweetness, or Lime Basil & Mandarin for a sprinkle of zest. 

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Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, Greenbelt 5

6. Jo Malone London Honeysuckle & Davana

Released in late 2018, Honeysuckle & Davana is a comforting coat of white floral and greenery that's difficult to resist. Sunny yet alluring, it's a scent we feel captures the brightness and warmth of the English countryside like no other.

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Jo Malone London Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, SM Aura

7. Jo Malone London Blackberry & Bay

One wouldn't think that the tartness of blackberry and the light spice of bay would ever smell as good as this, but it does. The splashes of grapefruit, floral, and vetiver only make it more intoxicating, so if you like your cologne fruity with a kick, this is the one for you.

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Jo Malone London Blackberry & Bay Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, Greenbelt 5

8. Jo Malone London Mimosa & Cardamom

The only oriental floral on this list is Mimosa & Cardamom, described as "mists of honey, golden mimosa float above the spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom." Thanks to its floral heart and creamy base, it's a romantic yet versatile fragrance anyone can wear.

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Jo Malone London Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne, P7,850 for 100mlSM Aura

9. Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli

Leave it to Jo Malone to perfectly capture the adventurous and sophisticated spirit of London in this spicy, green fragrance. In fact, the brand itself deems it "quintessentially British," deepening the spice of basil leaves and freshness of neroli with white musk.

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Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli Cologne, P7,850 for 100ml, Greenbelt 5

10. Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell

Wild Bluebell gives delicate blooms like bluebell, eglantine, and lily of the valley a juicy twist thanks to the hint of persimmon. Being described as a light floral can't be any more fitting, and if anything, it could be your best first bottle in the category.

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Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Cologne, P7,850 for 100mlSM Aura

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