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This New Korean Skincare Hack Will Help Make Pimples Disappear

It's called the 'toner wash method.'
PHOTO: She Was Pretty/MBC

Because Koreans look like they've never had a single pimple their entire lives, we're always ready to try each new beauty product or technique they "invent." The latest one is the toner wash method. While the 7 skin method is for moisturizing your complexion, this is for clearing it up.

According to Allure, the concept is similar to splash masks because you pour a few capfuls of toner into a bowl of water, mix it, and then wash your face with it. It's not supposed to replace your cleansing routine; it should come after it.

User pdxbeautiful from the Asian Beauty subreddit even praised the hack. She reported that adding the ~*extra*~ step to her morning and night routines has given her incredibly soft and smooth skin, and has helped heal her stubborn breakouts.

The process seems time-consuming and messy, but we're willing to try anything that can help us achieve clear skin. Curious what kind of toners can be used for this technique? Here are few:

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Now that you know what products you can use to try it out, here's a short video that will show you how to incorporate it into your regimen.

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