What Makes Korean-Style Tattoos So Appealing? An Investigation

If you love colorful, minimalist designs, K-style ink is for you.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/tae_i__monde; (right) instagram/02percentof02

If you've ever planned on getting a tattoo whether it's your first time or you're a ~seasoned~ pro, Instagram is the go-to place to gather inspiration. Scrolling through the #tattoo hashtag will show you millions of pictures of tatts in different styles, but we're particularly drawn to the colorful or dainty type of ink that a lot of Korean tattoo artists specialize in.

If you want a more out of the box result, Korean tattoo artists' Instagram grids are a gold mine of inspo. Their works feature a lot of colors, abstract art, and intricate lines. Below, we decoded why K-style tattoos are gaining popularity:

  1. They are more colorful than ~normal~ tattoos.

    When we think of tattoos, we usually picture the usual black ink, but a lot of Korean tattoo artists love adding splashes of colors in their works—just like a watercolor painting! It's perfect if you want to give your chosen design a little more oomph.

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  2. They prioritize minimalism.

    If you're not a big fan of huge tattoos—especially for your first ink—minimalism is the way to go. Many Korean artists love drawing lines and abstract art for their designs, so their style might be your perfect match.

  3. They love delicate designs.

    If you're not a fan of linework tattoos and prefer a more delicate + dainty design, a lot of Korean tattoo artists specialize in flower and animal designs. This, combined with their use of colors, make for a striking and memorable ink!

Here are six popular Korean tattoo artists you can follow for more inspo:

  1. @tae_i__monde

    If you love flowers, you'll like @tae_i__monde's style. Their works look like something that's straight out of a painting!

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  2. @02percentof02

    @02percentof02 makes use of shapes, lines, and colors to turn her doodles into something that's far from the typical kind of body ink.

  3. @playground_tat2

    For more delicate and ~tiny~ tattoos, check out @playground_tat2's Instagram. Fun fact: They're also the go-to artist of Taeyeon from Girl's Generation!

  4. @gong_greem

    If you prefer a doodle-like style, @gong_greem's works might be right up your alley. They're so masterfully done, they look like they were drawn using crayons!

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  5. @bona_tattoo

    We're obsessed with @bona_tattoo's designs—they look they were drawn using oil pastels!

  6. @studiobysol

    Check out @studiobysol's works if you're looking for highly-detailed tattoos.

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