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Libra, I Swear These Tattoos Are As Tasteful As You Are

I swear they're not tacky!
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Even though I low-key hate talking about zodiac signs that aren't Leo, I have a soft spot for Libras. Seriously, any sign that's into fancy restaurants, wine, and shit-talking has my heart. And even though Libras are stereotyped as being the wishy-washy, luxury-obsessed sign, I know that you guys are just misunderstood. You can't help that you see both sides and have, like, really excellent taste. And speaking of good taste, you also have some pretty high standards, so I had my work cut out for me when it came to finding Libra tattoo ideas that would actually meet them. That said, I think know I did a damn good job. Ahead, the 20 best Libra tattoos that you definitely won't hate.


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  1. This Sun and Moon Libra Tattoo

    This sun and moon pairing are all about balance, just like Libras are. TBH, there’s nothing not to love about this Libra tattoo, but the fact that you have to flip someone off to show it off definitely ups the cool factor.

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  2. This Stick-and-Poke Libra Tattoo

    If you want a more ~DIY~ aesthetic for your Libra tattoo, or you want a more intimate connection to your tat, opt for a stick-and-poke. They're hand-poked (aka they're created without a tattoo machine) so just make sure you go to a reputable artist.

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  3. This Libra Constellation Tattoo

    This constellation design is cute and detailed (without being too simple or basic), making it a great option for a Libra tattoo.

  4. This Libra Scales Tattoo

    Libras are known for their love of balance, hence the scales. The detailed design of this Libra tattoo is just the right amount of extra.

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  5. This Watercolor Libra Tattoo

    This Libra tattoo is made extra dreamy with shades of blue, teal, purple, and blue and, IMHO, it's pretty hard to pass up.

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  6. This Venus Libra Tattoo

    Libras are ruled by the planet Venus and they love the finer things in life, making this art-inspired Libra tattoo a fire option.

  7. This Fine-Line Libra Tattoo

    Isn't this Libra tattoo so cute? It's the perfect amount of delicate without being a complete snooze.

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  8. This 'Love' Libra Tattoo

    As a zodiac sign that absolutely loves love, this red ink Libra tattoo was basically made for you. Oh, and it's really aesthetically pleasing, which is always a plus.

  9. This Floral Libra Constellation Tattoo

    The soft strokes on this floral Libra tattoo make it look like an actual watercolor painting.

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  10. This Dotted Libra Tattoo

    There's more to this Libra tattoo than meets the eye (just like you). If you look closely at this tattoo, you'll see that it's made up of a bunch of small dots, rather than solid black lines. Cool, right?

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  11. This Blue Libra Tattoo

    The blue hue in this Libra tattoo gives it a nice pop of color without making the design look tacky.

  12. This Libra Rose Tattoo

    Fun fact: A rose is Libra's birth flower, so there's basically no reason why you shouldn't choose this stunning design as your Libra tattoo.

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  13. This Colored Venus Libra Tattoo

    This colorful and modern remake of 'The Birth of Venus' is absolutely stunning. If you're down for a large and bold Libra tattoo that'll definitely turn heads, this is the one for you.

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  14. This Rib Libra Tattoo

    Want to keep your Libra tattoo slightly hidden? Go for a ribcage placement—you can decide if and when you want to show it off.

  15. This Behind The Ear Libra Tattoo

    This behind-the-ear placement is also perf for keeping your tattoo slightly hidden. Throw your hair up in a bun for the days when you want everyone to see it.

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  16. This Libra Elbow Tattoo

    Isn't this design so pretty? This dainty Libra tattoo is way adorable without being too cutesy.

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  17. This Libra Hip Tattoo

    This design has Big Libra Energy. Take some inspo from our queen, Lizzo, and let your inner badass out with this Libra tattoo.

  18. This Artistic Libra Tattoo

    Like I said, Libras are all about the finer things in life, including art. So why not get a Libra tattoo inspired by two of the most famous hands in art history?

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  19. This 'Heavy Soul' Libra Tattoo

    Libras are more into deep conversations than small talk (they're sometimes described as old souls), meaning this Libra tattoo is just perfect for you.

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  20. This 'Balance' Libra Tattoo

    If you're not into the look of scales, this simple Libra tattoo gets the idea of balance across quite literally.


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