5 Light And Fresh Perfumes Perfect For The Warm Weather

Smell good even when you're sweaty AF.

Sometimes, we get scared to spritz on a scent when we know it’s going to be absolutely hot outside. But we say that if you use the right scents for the season, you’re bound to smell mabango and fresh all day. Here, five of our favorite perfumes that will leave you smelling amazing, even when it’s scorching hot outside:

Escada Agua Del Sol

What it smells like: A warm summer day at the beach while you sip a sweet ice-cold cocktail. Light, fun, and easy.

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Escada Agua del Sol, P2,750/30mL, Rustan’s Makati 

L’Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette

What it smells like: A fresh, bright morning—if you’re obsessed with crisp lemon scents, this is for you.

L’Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette, P2,950, Rustan’s Shangri-La 


Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita

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What it smells like: A zesty, smooth mix of grapefruit and lemon. The longer you wear it, the better it smells—perfect for long summer days and nights.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita, P4,900, Rustan’s Makati

Jo Malone Sorrel & Lemon Thyme Cologne

What it smells like: An elegant mix of fresh herbs that leaves you feeling energized and uplifted.

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Jo Malone Sorrel & Lemon Thyme Cologne, P3,670/30mL, Greenbelt 5

Diptyque Eau Des Sens

What it smells like: A blend of orange blossoms, berries, and flowers. Perfect for a breezy summer day.

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Diptyque Eau Des Sens, P6,750/100mL, Rustan’s Shangri-La

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