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Liza Soberano Shares The Fragrance Enrique Gil Loves On Her

Plus, a few more beauty tips from the actress!
PHOTO: Instagram/tingduque

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make Liza Soberano look amazing—she’s already super gorgeous to begin with! And as proven by the actress during an interview with, she’s actually pretty low-key in the beauty department. At an event celebrating Liza as the newest endorser of the classic Avon fragrance, Sweet Honesty, the 19-year-old shared her no-frills tips for looking and feeling good.

On staying fresh amid her hectic schedule:

"I like to take baths, especially, for example, when I'm taping. Syempre mainit at all the different locations we have to go to. Sometimes, I take a shower three times a day: in the morning before work, in between work like lunch break or dinner break, and then before going to sleep. I always make sure that I wash up, so that I don't feel sticky. And I like to wash my face a lot, so that I just have that feeling of being fresh."

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On her go-to lip color:

"I'm really into nudes. I'm very simple kasi, so I like basic colors like nudes."

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On the sweet-smelling fragrance Enrique Gil loves on her:

"'Di ba Sweet Honesty came out with four different variants? I tried the Sweet Honesty Moments and I wore it to taping one time. And Enrique was like, 'Ang bango naman 'nun. Ang bango.' I was, like, fanning myself. 'It's meee!' ... That's why I use it all the time now."

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On keeping her skin glowing and in tip-top shape:

"I always make sure that I drink a lot of water, which helps contribute to the moisture in your skin. Eat a lot of fruits also; that helps with your skin."

Liza Soberano's limited edition bottle for Avon Sweet Honesty retails for P399, while the limited edition roll-on is P155. Find these nationwide through Avon dealers and representative.

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