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We Swear, Low-Maintenance Girls Will Love This ~*Super Glowy*~ Skincare Routine

It only has five steps!
glowing skincare routine
PHOTO: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Snail White, Courtesy of Patricia Melliza

Let's be real: As much as we want to achieve the *dewy* skin of our dreams, many of us just can't be bothered to do a multi-step skincare routineand that's okay. You don't have to force yourself to do a 10-step regimen, especially if you can't stick to it. You can use a few products every day and still get the glowing results that you want. You just have to find what works for you, and be consistent with your routine!

If you don't know where to start, we've put together a simple skincare regimen you can tryespecially in the morningto score that healthy-looking glow. Keep reading to know more! 

  1. Wash your face

    Of course, the first and most important step to any skincare routine is cleansing. To score a fresh base, get rid of dirt, excess oil, makeup residue, and other impurities, which can clog the pores and cause dullness. (Exfoliating your face at least once a week will also help get rid of dead skin cells.)

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  2. Apply a light layer of moisturizer

    This will keep your skin barrier healthy and strong. Plus, a moisturized skin reflects light really well, making it instantly appear glowing!

  3. Massage a few drops of face oil onto your skin 

    Trust us, you'll instantly look more *radiant* after applying this. Face oils can often be intimidating, especially for those who have oily skin. However, there are formulas out there that won't feel greasy. We recommend trying out Snail White's Beauty Glow Dropsthis one feels surprisingly light and it leaves a nice, luminous finish on the skin. It's formulated with brightening vitamin C and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and snail potion. You can apply it all over your face or even just on certain dry areas. 

    snail white beauty glow drops
    Snail White

    Snail White Beauty Glow Drops, P795,


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    P.S. YouTuber Rei Germar loves using this face oil as a base for her glowy makeup looks! 

  4. Use a tinted sunscreen

    You can even out your complexion and protect your skin at the same time with a tinted sunscreen. This one from Snail White helps minimize redness for that my-skin-but-better effect and gives your complexion a subtle, healthy glow. Its formula is lightweight and non-sticky, too! 

    snail white cc sunscreen
    Snail White

    Snail White CC Sunscreen SPF 50+/PA+++, P995,


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  5. Don't forget your body!

    Give your bod some much-needed TLC by applying a moisturizing lotion. Look for brightening ingredients like niacinamide, which can help even out the skin tone, to achieve that all-over glow! 

    snail white body booster
    Snail White

    Snail White Body Booster, P449,


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