15 Barefaced Celebrity Selfies To Inspire You To Pose Without Makeup

Gandang natural!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/yassipressman, (RIGHT) Instagram/gabbi

When we're at home, it's automatic that we're on au naturel mode: Messy hair, pambahay clothes, and without makeup. Celebs? Well, they're just like us! While in quarantine, they're also letting their complexions rest from the cosmetics they wear when they're taping their respective projects. They've been posting their barefaced selfies, and it inspires us to do the same. 

It can feel ~scary~ to post a photo without pang-kilay or lip tint—we get worried about what other people might think. But, you shouldn't let that thought bother you. Be proud of what your mama gave you. :) 'Wag ka nang ma-dyahe! 

Ahead, some celebrity barefaced selfies to convince you to be raw and real on Instagram.

  1. Julie Anne San Jose

  2. KC Concepcion

  3. Kylie Verzosa

  4. Sue Ramirez

  5. Ylona Garcia

  6. Maja Salvador

  7. Bea Alonzo

  8. Kira Balinger

  9. Yassi Pressman

  10. Francine Diaz

  11. Megan Young

  12. Barbie Imperial

  13. Gabbi Garcia

  14. Sheena Halili

  15. Sanya Lopez

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