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15 Matching Tattoos You Can Get With Your Significant Other

Here's something fun to do on V-Day!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/, (RIGHT) Instagram/playground_tat2

If you're ready to make a big commitment with your SO, why not get matching tattoos? You can get any design you want and they last ~*forever*~ like your love for bae. Read on for some body ink inspo:

  1. The colors and intricate details of this design gorgeously capture the complexities of love.

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  2. You can also get personal with an abstract design.

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  3. Instead of writing down a date, why not get it inked?

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  4. ~Hugs and kisses~

  5. Matching sunflowers are soooo pretty!

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  6. Of course, nothing will ever beat a queen + king.

  7. We're living for this negative space tat! Find the perfect artist for your watercolor ink here

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  8. Heartbeat tattoos are simple, yet so romantic.

  9. This piece of art says you complete each other. <3

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  10. How chic are these stars?

  11. An infinity symbol not only works for boyfriends and girlfriends, but for sisters and BFFs, too!

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  12. A stylized tattoo of the first letter of each other's name is adorable.

  13. Your BF/GF will always be the "yin" to your "yang."

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  14. Combine art with technology by getting rainbow-colored Morse code tatts!

  15. Take things up a notch with words in a different language. Just make sure you know their definition first.

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