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5 Reasons Everyone Loves This *Affordable* Deodorant Powder

It's a need!

When it comes to our deodorant, it seems like we can just choose whatever brand and variant we fancy because they all do the same thing anyway, right? Even though they all serve to keep you fresh and sweat-free, however, there are some that contain harsher ingredients than others. These can potentially irritate the thin and sensitive skin of your kilikili, which then causes darkness and inflammation.

That said, one tried-and-tested deo that was recommended by the girls over at our Cosmo Mixers group (which you should *definitely* join) is the Milcu Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder. Its white and blue packaging may seem nondescript, but it definitely packs a punch. Keep on reading for the reasons we love this product:

  1. Its use is not just limited to your underarms.

    Aside from dusting it on your underarms, you can also apply it on your feet, especially if they get moist a lot. You may also put some on your shoes to get rid of the smell.

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  2. It won't darken your pits.

    The friction from the repeated movement from your roll-on deos can cause your kilikili to darken over time. With Milcu, however, you're only *patting* the product in and letting it rest on top. It's the perfect choice for those who are waxing or having their pits lasered and don't want any unnecessary rubbing!

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  3. It has no scent.

    The fragrance of a product also plays a huge role in whether or not your skin will get irritated. When choosing a deo, go for a one with no scent—just like Milcu.

  4. It can keep you dry for hours.

    Since it's a powder, Milcu can really keep your pits dry for *hours*. And when you do sweat, though, there won't be any scent!

  5. It's affordable.

    At just P90 for 80g and P65 for 40g, you can't go wrong with this product! One bottle will last you a looong time, too, since you only need a bit, so this is really a sulit purchase.

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