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Um, Miley Cyrus + Cody Simpson Got Matching Couple Tattoos After 5 Months Of Dating

Can’t say I’m shocked!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/codysimpson, (right) instagram/nico_bassil
  • Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson each got a tattoo of a trident on their left arm.
  • Miley and Cody got the tats after dating for five months. Five! Months!

Welp, it was only a matter of time Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson were going to something eyebrow-raising this month. And no, they didn’t post any more lingerie/shirtless photos on Instagram or spill any cheeky details about how they show each other their privates in the studio to help them sing better. This time, Miley and Cody thought it was a great idea to take their relationship to the next level via ink and needles. That’s right—Miley and Cody now have matching tattoos.

It’s unclear whose idea it was to get couples tattoos after only five months of dating, but Miley and Cody are now the proud owners of a teeny lil' trident on their left arms. Both tats were done by tattoo artist Nico Bassill in Los Angeles, which you can see (and disbelieve) for yourself below:


In case you’re wondering why they heck Miley and Cody got trident tattoos, it’s likely a nod to Cody’s soon-to-be-released poetry book, Prince Neptune. I’m assuming a lot of the poems are going to be about Miley, so it makes sense that she got the ink alongside him.

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FYI, this isn’t actually the first time Miley and Cody went to get tattoos with each other. Back in October, after only a month two weeks of dating, Miley and Cody hit up Nico’s tattoo shop for the first time. They didn’t get matching designs at that time, but like...still.



The new ink just proves that Miley and Cody’s relationship is in a really good place right now. An Us Weekly source recently said Miley and Cody are a perfect match because they’re just vibing out and keeping things chill at the moment. “They aren’t putting any hard restrictions on their relationship and are just having fun and seeing where it goes,” the insider said. “Cody isn’t a jealous person and is pretty relaxed and laid-back, which works for both of them.”

Nothing else to say but...god bless these crazy kids!


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