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20 Minimalist Tattoos You'll Want To Get With Your Significant Other

These tattoos will last ~forever~ like your love for your boo.
Minimalist Couple Tattoos
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Real talk: Relationships don't always work out, which is why some people aren't so keen on the idea of getting matching couple tattoos. But if your significant other has become a big part of your life and you want to commemorate the special bond that you have, why not go for it, right? Getting tattooed together for the first time may even be a *memorable* experience for you two.  

Of course, getting matching tattoos is a ~commitment~, so you want to make sure that your chosen ink design is something you reallly want. While there are a bunch of options out there, we highly recommend checking out minimalist tattoosthese timeless, no-fail designs will always look good no matter what. Keep scrolling for some body ink inspo! 

Minimalist Couple Tattoos You'll Want To Get With Your S.O.

  1. Airplane 

    Here's a matching tattoo idea for you and your favorite travel buddy!

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  2. Smile

    If your partner is someone who always makes you laugh, you'll love this low-key tattoo idea. Whenever you hold each other's hands, your tattoos will form the cutest smile. ;) 

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    You can get creative with the placement, too! Reel-to-real life couple Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing, for instance, got a similar couple tattoo on their pinky fingers. 

  3. Wave with initials 

    If going on beach trips, surfing, or diving is what you both love to do, why not commemorate your shared interest with this wave tattoo? You can even add your initials to the design to make it more special. 

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  4. "Love" 

    Could this "love" tattoo design be any cuter? We love how these finger tatts will only make sense when the couple's hands are placed side by side. 

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  5. Koi 

    If you've always been the yin to his yang, this koi tattoo can beautifully represent how you *complement* each other. 

  6. Three dots

    This tattoo design is so subtle. Instead of going for the usual ring tattoos, you and your beau can get three dots inked on your ring fingers. FYI, this tattoo placement is known for being painful, so going for a simple design just makes sense. 

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  7. Infinity 

    An infinity tattoo will never go out of style. You can make it feel more personal by incorporating your favorite number into the design. 

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  8. Sun and moon 

    If you and your S.O. just click despite being polar opposites, this minimalist ankle tattoo is made for you two. You can hide it just as easily as you can show it off!  

  9. "Always" 

    Keep it simple with a single-word tattoo. To make it extra special, you can get it done using your loved one's handwriting! 

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  10. Roman numerals 

    Get an important date tattooed on your inner arms in roman numerals. 

  11. Ring 

    A linear tattoo on your ring finger can be a cool alternative to a wedding or promise ringplus, unlike jewelry, you can't ever lose it! 

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  12. "No matter what" and "No matter where" 

    These phrase tattoos are touching. They can mean different things to every couple. 

  13. Heart and infinity

    Get this lovely combination of a heart and an infinity symbol with your ~forever love~. 

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  14. Palm tree and wave 

    Not a big fan of matching tattoos? Get separate designs that represent what you have in common. 

  15. Initials

    Initial tattoos are perfect for couples who want something suuuper subtle. 

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  16. Heartbeat

    If you think heart tattoos are overrated, heartbeat ink designs might tickle your fancy. They're simple yet so romantic. 

  17. Line art 

    Remember, couple tattoos don't always have to be matchy-matchy. We're in love with this pair's minimalist line art tatts

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  18. Bracelet

    What makes this couple's matching bracelet tattoos stand out is its morse code detail. 

  19. "For" and "ever" 

    This "forever" tattoo will only be complete when the couple's hands are placed together. If you've just gotten married, getting this super-sweet ink may be a great way to celebrate your union. 

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  20. Heart and airplane

    Here's a tiny tattoo design for couples who prove that LDR relationships *can* work. 

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