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15 Minimalist Forearm Tattoo Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

minimalist forearm tattoo ideas
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/tattooingbyamor, Instagram/i_tats_

Aside from the design you're going to choose, one of the most important parts of getting a tattoo is *where* exactly are you going to place it. There are several factors you have to consider, one of those being your pain tolerance. If you're a bit sensitive, we're happy to report that the forearm is one of the spots that don't hurt as much as the others. If you wanna get down to the specifics, the outer forearm hurts less than the inner one, due to the radial nerve the runs through the latter. (Check out our detailed tattoo pain chart here!)

Need some tattoo ideas for your forearm ink? You've come to the right place. Below, we list down 15 of the cutest designs we spotted on Instagram that are just *perfect* for minimalist girls like you. Check them out:

Minimalist Forearm Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2021

1. The combined fine line work and soft shading resulted in a very dainty design.


2. Getting your personal mantras tattooed on you is a permanent reminder of motivation.

3. The spacing in the word makes the design look clean and minimalist.

4. Combine your love for the moon and sun with this design.

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5. This tattoo is perfect for all the wine titas out there, LOL!

6. If you love flowers, here's a more unique approach you can take for your ink.

7. Flowing script of you and your S.O.'s name is the perfect couple tattoo idea if you guys are really in it for the long run.


8. Thinking of getting a matching tattoo with your BFF? Try these avocado halves.

9. Take your fur babies along with you everywhere by getting a tattoo of their outlines.

10. This super minimalist script tattoo is your reminder to not be afraid to ~take the leap~.

11. This lightning bolt tattoo is simple but still makes a statement.

12. This cluster of stars is tiny, making it easy to hide.


13. Coffee lovers will *adore* this tattoo.

14. Show some love for the moon by getting its phases tattooed on.

15. Are you a beach baby but you don't want the same ol' wave tattoo? This tattoo of a clam with a pearl inside is a unique way of showing your love for the waters.

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