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15 Delicate Line Tattoos That Are Perfect For Minimalist Girls

They're simple but sweet!
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If you're still in the dark on what the design of your first ink should be, consider the minimalist approach. Not only will they look good on any part of your body, but the needle-poking sesh will also go by much faster since they're not as intricate as large tattoos! Ahead, we list down some cute options for your perusal:

  1. Flowers are always a good subject to keep in mind for minimalist tattoos.

  2. This dainty line art of a body also forms a *subtle* heart shape.

  3. These multi-colored hearts are so cute.

  4. Although line tattoos look intricate, expect less pain because there's no shading involved.

  5. A *permanent* reminder to always love yourself.

  6. Are you a proud dog or cat mom? Dedicate your tattoo to your fur bb!

  7. Combining two elements in a single tattoo is always a good idea.

  8. This thinly-lined flower ink is so dainty.

  9. You can also choose to use your own handwriting to make your ink really personal.

  10. Why not dedicate your ink to your favorite boy band?

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  11. This wave tattoo is tiny but intricately done.

  12. Another idea is to get a *special* date drawn on you.

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  13. We love how the person made their mole as the base of their tattoo.

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  14. Butterflies represent change, hope, and life.

  15. Make your heart tattoo less basic by opting for red ink instead of the usual black.

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