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15 Minimalist Underboob Tattoo Designs That Are Low-Key And Easy To Hide

Subtle yet sexy. ;)
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/konstantin_siegel, Instagram/tattoovasquez

Hi there! If you're thinking of getting a tattoo but you don't want to stick to the usual placements, why not get inked on your underboob? It's a location that has gained a reputation for being *intimidating* but trust us, after seeing the inspo photos below, you'll be convinced!

BTW, it's a prime spot for a tattoo if you want something that can be easily hidden if your workplace does not allow visible ink. Interested yet? Read on for some important things you need to know about underboob tattoos.

Do underboob tattoos hurt?

Since you can already feel your ribs beneath your breasts, and there isn't much fat to cushion the skin, expect that underboob tattoos will hurt more than if you were to get a tatt on your hip or shoulder.

Can I wear a bra after getting an underboob tattoo?

It goes without saying that you should let your freshly-poked skin ~breathe~ for at least two weeks post-tattoo sesh. When you're at home, opt for loose shirts and tank tops. If you can't bear to go without a bra when you're out in public, we recommend using nipple covers!

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How should I care for my underboob tattoo during its healing process?

If you want your underboob tattoo to last and remain vibrant in the years to come, make sure to follow your tattoo artist's aftercare guide. Only use a mild soap when cleaning the affected area, don't pick at the scabs while they're healing, and keep your skin moisturized using a fragrance-free ointment or balm.

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Ready to see some inspo? Keep on scrolling for 15 of the cutest designs we spotted on Instagram:

  1. This fern tattoo goes along perfectly with the breast's natural curve.

  2. If you want something that's more prominent, get your tattoo placed on your sternum.

  3. Combine your favorite flower with a word that really resonates with you for a unique design.

  4. Feel ~*relaxed*~ wherever you go by getting eucalyptus leaves tatted on you, LOL.

  5. Take the usual moon tattoos up a notch by getting the lunar phases inked on.

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  6. Tagalog words look stunning as ink, too!

  7. We're still in love with minimalist one-line tattoos.

  8. This dainty purple and blue flower tattoo is too cute for words.

  9. You can also place your tattoo on the side of your boob.

  10. This tattoo of three dots looks great on tops with plunging necklines.

  11. This simple star tattoo makes a statement, too.

  12. Butterflies will always look great wherever you put them.

  13. Tired of floral designs? Check out this awesome scorpion ink.

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  14. Beach babies, you need this wave tattoo ASAP.

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  15. These simple stars still look super cute!

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