This Designer Sent Models With Acne Down The Catwalk To Make An Important Point

Makeup artists even went to the extent of adding fake rashes and pimples to models' faces.
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Men's fashion week is in full swing, and Malaysian fashion designer Moto Guo has certainly got people talking—albeit, not really about the clothes.

Instead of sending the typical fresh-faced, flawless models down the runway, the designer decided to make a powerful statement by emphasising his model's natural skin issues, including acne and rosacea. His aim was to impart the message that spots, acne, and redness are the reality, and that it's more than OK to leave them exposed rather than covering with makeup. 

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Some of his makeup artists went to the extent of adding fake rashes and pimples to models' faces. One shared a snap from backstage on instagram, captioning the picture "pimples and rashes are in fashion now."

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