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Nadine Lustre Got Matching Tattoos With Her BFFs

Friendship sealed in ink, YASSSS!
PHOTO: Instagram/kianavee

We found it totally cute when Nadine Lustre got matching tattoos with her BFFs Lauren Reid, Andrea Luis, and Kiana Valenciano. Well, friendships are forever and so are tattoos

Here's Kiana's cutie face while getting inked. She makes it look so easy and painless!

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The whole gang got delicate sparkle outlines on their wrists. Here's a closer look, courtesy of Kiana's IG story.

Could this be the inspo for their friendship ink? Kiana also used the same Peter Pan quote she placed in her IG story.

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The sparkle tattoos also resemble twinkling stars. Andrea posted a touching photo caption to describe the significance of their matching ink: "Find people in your life who bring out the sparkle in you. Loved ones, someone new, friends who become family, best friends who become sisters. Be true to yourself and to who you are and anything will be possible. Cliché maybe, but don’t let anybody ever dull your sparkle."

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Cheers to never-ending friendship, you guys! 

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